Types of Neglect

These are injuries to the patient that are not intentional and may result from the patient’s actions, the actions of someone else, or the inactions from some other person or staff members when some sort of conduct is reasonably expected.

Types of NeglectSince the passage of the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA), improvements have been made with long-term care facilities. However there are still many problems and worse yet, it appears that improvements have topped out. In 2006, 90% of all certified facilities were found to have some sort of deficiency. Also, almost 20% of certified facilities were found to have caused some sort of injury or put those residents in immediate jeopardy. In addition, understaffing continues to plague the industry. The very best of the available studies show that this problem is not going away and that it is still an issue in a very large majority of nursing homes.

Furthermore, it was noted that state inspection services of nursing homes cannot be relied on because of the great diversity of standards. In other words, do not depend on any governmental agencies to protect your loved ones. You must step up and be proactive to make certain that your relative is safe, protected, and is receiving the quality of care that you expect. Still, if you find or suspect problems, do not hesitate in contacting governmental services to get them involved as soon as possible.

If you are experience any one of the following nursing home neglects:

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