Grounds for a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

This is a technical question that is best answered by a negligence lawyer; however, it is important for you to understand how broad these nursing home abuse cases may be. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have great responsibilities toward their residents and there are many overlapping laws that deal with those tasks.

Here are some areas of potential liability for both nursing homes and assisted living facilities:

Accidents, Falls
• Aspiration Pneumonia
• Attended Falls
• Bedsores, Ulcers
• Breach of Regulatory or Statutory Rights
• Burns
• Choking
• Clogged Breathing Tubes
Emotional Abuse
• Failure to Monitor Food and Water Intake
• Failure to Provide the Correct Medical Devices
• Failure to Recognize or Treat a Medical Condition
• Failure to Supervise
Financial Abuse
• Fractures
• Hoyer Lift Falls
Inadequate Daily Care
• Inadequate Food
• Inadequate Staffing
• Inadequate Training
• Inattention
• Lack of or Improper Treatment
• Malnutrition or Dehydration
• Medication Errors
• Needle Dislodgement
• Negligent Hiring
Physical Abuse
• Problems with Medical Devices
• Restraint or Strangulation Injuries
• Septic Shock
• Sexual Assault
• Threats
• Unattended Falls
• Unsanitary Facilities
• Verbal Abuse
Wandering or Elopement
• Withdrawal or Social Isolation
Wrongful Death

These samples are not all inclusive and please understand that just because one of these happened to your relative, it does not mean that the nursing home or assisted living facility did anything wrong. Your experienced nursing home abuse lawyer would best determine that.