About Us

Currently helping the residents of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida, the Nursing Home Injuryline was established to assist current or former residents of nursing homes who have suffered abuse and/or neglect while there. Often, if residents are unable or reluctant to contact us themselves, one or more of their loved ones (fortunately) do so on their behalf.

Affiliated with our agency are legal teams, in or near the areas where each involved nursing home is located. So even if you may live far away, the team handling your case—with our guidance—can help you help your loved ones in every way possible. Our teams have extensive—and successful—experience in handling cases involving abuse, neglect or other serious problems affecting the care and well-being of nursing home residents.

That’s why, to make as strong a case as possible, teams typically include attorneys, doctors or nurses, paralegals, investigators and researchers. Many teams also include former employees of local nursing homes, who help uncover and report the various practices commonly used to hide or minimize evidence of abuse or neglect.

Most general practice attorneys have little or no experience
with nursing home abuse/neglect.
Not so with attorneys affiliated with our agency.

They’ve all had special training and years of hands-on experience. Their teams are thoroughly prepared to correctly and efficiently handle cases involving all types of nursing home abuse or neglect. These can range from untreated bedsores or mental abuse by staff members or other residents…to inadequate medical treatment, malnutrition or preventable accidents that cause serious injury or even death.

The Nursing Home Injuryline provides you with a one-stop resource for the precise information and professional assistance needed when you or a loved one are a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. The call itself is toll-free, and if you proceed to an initial consultation by phone, that’s free, too… and without any obligation on your part.

We’ve helped people in your locality and throughout the U.S., and have received comments like these…

When my mother suffered serious neglect in a nursing home, I didn’t know who to call. The police where I lived? The police where the nursing home is located? The county or state police? Some federal government agency? If so, which one? Fortunately, a neighbor told me about your Nursing Home Injuryline, and I called it. Without cost or obligation, I obtained the information I so desperately needed, and I was able to start legal action against the nursing home—to help my mother get the proper care she deserves.

We knew nothing about nursing homes when we placed my father in one—the one that was closest to our home. But it wasn’t long before we sensed that something wasn’t quite right. Whenever we visited him, he seemed reluctant to tell us about the facility, certain staff members, or how he was being treated. To make a long story short, we found out that he was suffering from both physical and mental abuse… on a regular basis. We called your hotline and told them about the problem, and they told us what our options were. We followed their advice, and now my father is in a much better nursing home. And, thanks to the law firm you told us about—’No fee unless we win your case’—he got financial compensation for the abuse he suffered.

After I had major surgery, I had to go into a nursing home for six weeks to recover. At the time, I thought all nursing homes were pretty much alike. Not so! The one I was in appeared to be fine to visitors, but it was a different story to residents. And every resident I was able to talk with had a different complaint—everything from little or no medical care to physical abuse by the so-called caretakers. In my case, I suffered facial cuts and bruises and a broken arm from one of the staff members, who got angry when I complained that my hot meals were never hot and my cold drinks were never cold. I finally asked my son for help, and he called your Injuryline. It’s aptly named. Thanks for your advice and for putting us in contact with a law firm that—unlike our family lawyer—has years of successful experience in cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect.