If Your Loved One Was A Victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect…

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Why nursing home abuse and neglect so often occur
We understand that the decision to place a loved one into a nursing home or an assisted living facility was a difficult one. These facilities are supposed to provide safety, security and competent health care. Yet this level of care is often not properly delivered, because many facilities are understaffed, undertrained and unsupervised.


Among the most vulnerable residents are the elderly, the disabled, the weak and those with dementia. But any resident can be affected by neglect or abuse. There are various types of abuse in a nursing home — from physical assault and mental abuse to neglecting or under-serving obvious needs. They violate state and federal regulations and must be reported and stopped.


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Why YOU need to start taking action…NOW
Frequently, nursing home residents, although suffering from neglect or abuse, are afraid to complain, because they believe they can’t prove it or fear retaliation. So it’s vital for family members to look for the warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. In fact, this might be the only chance for the situation to be recognized or uncovered. Here are some of the most common clues to look for, if you suspect that a loved one may have been injured or mistreated in a nursing care facility:

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How we will help you and your loved one
All of our nursing home abuse lawyers, doctors, investigators, and other specialists have extensive experience investigating and handling cases involving nursing home neglect/abuse. We can help obtain the evidence needed to take action so that your loved one is protected from further harm and can receive a better level of care.


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